Old Milwaukee is excited to announce Tyler as the winner of the Old Milwaukee Custom Truck Sweepstakes!

When Tyler’s not working his 9 – 5, he can be found outside, typically hiking, biking or exploring. He likes to tinker and build things, most recently small motorcycles and mopeds.

We asked him why he’s excited about the truck and this is what he told us:

I’m excited to win the truck because I can’t wait to show it off and talk about it around town. My friends and I started drinking old mil back when we went to school at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. At the time, we were the only people in town drinking Old Mil and it was really only sold at 1 gas station near our houses. After about a year everybody around us had jumped on the Old Mil train and the gas station owner kept having to order larger and larger orders to make sure he always had some in stock.

I’m excited to be add another piece of Old Milwaukee to the collection of bar signs, taps and posters that we already have. It’s a great tasting, affordable beer that I can’t wait to represent. I plan on taking the truck to classic car drive-ins as well as possibly a few parades if I can sneak in haha.

Tyler has been a fan of Old Mil for a while. We asked him why he likes Old Mil and he said, “ I drink old mil because ‘it doesn’t get any better than this.’ The memories I’ve shared with friends over a case of Old Mil will be with me forever.”

We’ll cheers to that. Congrats Tyler!