Outdoor televisions only EVERYOUTDOORSMAN, Benny Spies, has a new beer buddy this season and it’s the American classic, Old Milwaukee – the beer built right.   Old Milwaukee Beer, a longtime favorite of hardworking, hard-playing outdoor enthusiasts, is proud to partner with GUN IT with Benny Spies, Presented By Leupold, for the 2016 season, set to kick off July 6th on The Sportsman Channel.


“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Benny,” said Heather Rodman, Brand Manager for Old Milwaukee. “He epitomizes the Old Mil lifestyle – hunting, fishing, having fun outdoors with friends, causing a bit of trouble, and enjoying an ice cold Old Mil afterwards to celebrate. We can’t wait to see what he gets into next and we’re happy to be along for the ride.”


Like the first cold sip of an Old Milwaukee beer, this relationship is just “built right.”  Benny’s unique blend of wit and humor mixes perfectly with a icy can pulled right straight from the cooler while sitting around the campfire with your hunting or fishing partners, after the day’s adventure.


“Like many of you, I look forward to a cold one after a long day chasing roosters or walleyes or just about anything out there,” said GUN IT host, Benny Spies. “It’s downright un-American not to crack one while sitting around a tailgate or campfire, with a few buddies, talking about the day or joking about the one that got away, especially when you’re roasting your pal that couldn’t hit or catch a darn thing!  That’s why I’m very proud and excited to be partnered with Old Milwaukee.  Old Milwaukee is America’s best tasting beer and I’m going to make sure everyone knows it!  Free beer for everyone around my campfire this season!”

For more information about GUN IT with Benny Spies Presented By Leupold please visit www.bennyspies.com


About GUN IT with Benny Spies Presented By Leupold

Gun It with Benny Spies presented by Leupold is the outdoor television trailblazer in lifestyle, character and story-driven TV. There are hundreds of outdoor shows in the outdoor genre but only one reality outdoor series focused on the authentic portrayal of how the majority of Americans naturally experience the outdoors.


Gun It excels at finding the best characters, telling the most engaging stories, both entertaining and sincere, and is one of the industry’s best at producing compelling reality TV.


It’s about having fun and connecting with the largest, most ignored demographic in the business: the EVERYOUTDOORSMAN. That’s who Benny is and that’s who wants to connect with Benny.