Here’s a collection of videos promoting beer that feature zero people actually drinking beer.  Laws are funny.

  • Pass Me A Beer - Summer

  • Wedding Stuff with Tyler Farr

  • Breakfast with Tyler Farr

  • Workout with Tyler Farr

  • Feed Animals with Tyler Farr

  • Shoot Stuff with Tyler Farr

  • Wading with Tyler Farr

  • Old Milwaukee Home Camo Suit 3000!!!

  • Ferrell Super Bowl

  • Pass Me a Beer II

    More beer, more passes.

  • Hey, Pass Me A Beer - Hunting Edition!

  • THE 1oz can

    Introducing THE 1oz can

  • It just gets a lot better than these slogans...

  • Types of Comedy Hecklers

  • Love at First Beer

  • My Son Johnny

  • Old Mil Ferrell Dubstep

    Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee spot that aired on TV3 in Sweden.

  • Jose Canseco Cranks Another Old Milwaukee

  • Jose Canseco cracks an Old Milwaukee

  • Old Milwaukee is back with Jose Canseco

  • Jose Canseco and Old Milwaukee on Kansas City Baseball

  • Old Mil Canseco

    See Jose Canseco take the field with an ice-cold can of Old Milwaukee to reflect on the history of home run hitting.

  • Pass Me a Beer I

    This is how you pass Old Mil.

  • Old Milwaukee Beer

    Milwaukee at its best.

  • Swedish Bikini Team

    Old Milwaukee commercial from the early 90's featuring the original Swedish Bikini Team! It doesn't get any better than this!

  • Florida Everglades

    Aired May 12, 1986 on NBC 7. Florida Everglades themed.

  • Crow Wing, MN

    Crow Wing Minnesota and Old Milwaukee both mean something great to these guys...

  • Old Milwaukee Truck

    Classic TV Commercial from 1991: It doesn't get any better than this. Can you find the bear? He'll find you...

  • Beach Bikinis

    The 2nd most popular beer campaign of all time (according to an AD AGE poll). And it only ran for 7 months. Yow-wee!